Dedicated since 2010 to investment opportunities, valuing, operation and sale of real estate and industrial assets.


Hispasur Real Estate

Hispasur Real Estate projects proyectos inmobiliarios

We specialize in market and urban studies, investment and investment operations by divestment, planning management, urbanization, promotion, marketing and management of real estate assets.

Our alliance with other investors has led us to jointly carry out large logistics, industrial and commercial investment projects.

Hispasur Real Estate projects proyectos inmobiliarios
Hispasur Real Estate projects proyectos inmobiliarios

Outstanding Projects

Real Estate Promotions| Planning | Investment Strategies

At Hispasur Real Estate we create investment strategies. Therefore, our experience in investment projects and in the development of different real estate projects, makes us a strategic ally for entrepreneurs who wish to invest and grow with us.

We perform a due diligence of each of the opportunities to assess technical aspects, their profitability and reduce the risks of the investment.


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